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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Elliott's Eccentricities- The Hearse Song by The Marshmallow Ghosts

Everyone who loves music has a short list of special bands that they hold close to their heart. Something about these bands just resonates with the person. Listening to music by these bands is almost an almost divine experience. When I write about music these are the bands that first pop into my mind whenever I make a comparison. People who consistently read my articles (I.E. no one in the world except Eric) could easily my particular short list. It is fairly straightforward seeing I mention them all the time. They are Man Man (mentioned 6 times), Pink Floyd (also 6), The Beatles (6 again), and The Marshmallow Ghosts (4 times).

The Marshmallow Ghosts are an odd duck on my list for many reasons. The first reason is that I am positive that 95% of you have never ever heard of them besides when I mention them. The second reason explains the first; they are not a “real” band. They are a side project of Black Moth Super Rainbow and a couple other bands. The lineup for the band changes every year (apparently). They have only release a couple 7”s and an LP (that I know of). The band only plays around Halloween because they are a Halloween band. Wikipedia doesn’t believe that they exist; it is really hard to get any information on them. The third reason is that they are not in my top five favorite bands of all time yet are on my shortlist unlike Led Zeppelin (which is in my top 5). Also, they are not one of the best bands of all time. Yes, Man Man is one of the best bands of all time. Don’t argue, you are wrong. 

That being said, the Marshmallow Ghosts accomplished something truly incredible with their self-titled LP; they personified fall and Halloween. I can listen to their album on a beautiful spring day and be whisked to late-October. The air around me becomes crisp, the leaves turn red and orange, I can taste pumpkin, and I can feel ghosts surrounding me. Yet not only does the album catch the mood of the season, the music on it is really good. It has some rocking beats and catchy tunes. One of such tracks is The Hearse Song, the video is taken from Corpse Reviver #2 (see below). 

On the eccentricity scale ranging from 1 to 10
1- I celebrate 4/20.
10- I celebrate 4/20 on the 21st (I am looking at you Snoop Dog).
The Rake’s Song-5/10

The Hearse Song is not the most Halloweeny of their tracks, yet it shows what the Marshmallow Ghosts are capable of. The haunting voice of the singer drones like a moaning ghost (in a good way). The background synths create a really twilight-zone-esc atmosphere. That being said, this track is a bit more poppy than their other songs which focus more on the ambience. The upbeat melody and drumming drive the song into one you could almost dance to. I know I would, but then again that is just me. Speaking of the drumming, it is really top notch. The drummer is absolutely fantastic and is one of the people who inspired me to learn to drum.

I discovered the Marshmallow Ghosts last fall when they opened at the BMSR concert. Steve and I were completely blown away by them; in my opinion they upstaged Black Moth and were the best part of that night. After their set we immediately bought their Trick or Treat 7” and self-titled LP and got it signed by their female singer/guitarist (or was she the bassist?). We talked for a bit and she was really cool, if not completely scared by our excitement that was pretty much bubbling over at that point. I have to admit that I have a major crush on her, she was really great on stage (and also really cute).  

The best part was that their LP came with a CD version and a movie, Corpse Reviver #2. The movie is nothing more than a string of music videos spaced out by a sling of ghost stories being told on a tour bus (which Steve, John, and I admittedly fast forwarded through). However, the music videos were really enjoyable and fit the music really well; we had a really good time watching it. You can buy it online here if your so inclined.

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