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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Track of the Moment: Alice by Pogo

Show of hands, who likes Disney movies? I assume you’re raising your hand, because I can’t actually see (because I totally haven’t hacked your webcam and I’m definitely not spying on you right now). In retrospect, that was probably a bad way to start this article. But anyway, you have a soul, so you like almost all Disney movies, and probably have grown up with them. So today’s artist should be a big hit with you.

Pogo is a DJ from Australia who makes songs out of movies, mostly those made by Disney, although he will occasionally use non-Disney movies like Terminator 2 and Lord of the Rings (those are links to the songs, by the way). He does the same thing that XXYYXX does; he takes a bunch of audio clips from the movies, both sound effects and dialog, and chops and screws it into a fantastic song. He also adds some great instrumentals to those samples, which really helps round off each track. What’s even cooler is that he also takes video clips from the movie and makes his own music videos for the song.

But what makes him of note is the way he’s able to capture the feel and tone of each movie with the songs, but still maintain his own artistic touch to them. Today’s track, “Alice”, is the perfect example of that. It has a very ethereal and spacey vibe, much like Alice in Wonderland. It pretty accurately mimics the drug-fueled vision and feel of the movie, making a perfect chill out song. But a song like “UPular”, based on the movie UP, follows the fun, bubbly, happy mood of the movie. It’s the perfect complement to those films.

If you enjoy this song, check out his blog, download a few of his songs for free, and follow him on Youtube.

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