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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Track of the Moment: Tommy The Cat by Primus

           Funk Metal is kind of a mixed bag.  For the most part there aren’t really that many bands that fuse those two relatively different forms of music, and even fewer really resonate with me.  However, I think I have the secret to being a great funk metal band.  Bring your face close to the screen so I can whisper it.  Closer…Not that close, come on.  Anyway it’s the bassist. Rage has Tim Commerford, The Peppers have Flea, and Primus has Les Claypool.
            Les Claypool is a fantastic songwriter and amazing flamenco bassist among other things.  His basslines are amazing, and really add the extra push that cracks the song to 11.  As Eric will attest to, I can’t really help but rock out when Primus is on, and Claypool slappin’ da bass is a big part.   That’s the magic of really good funk metal; it rocks but is funky at the same time…I know that’s pretty intuitive, but just bare with me.  It’s got the best of both worlds.
            The song itself is pretty funny.  It tells the story of Thomas O'Malley from Disney’s “The Aristocats.”  Tom Waits, an amazing artist, lends his own unique voice and magical mixture of crazy and awesome to the title character, which adds a whole lot considering it’s THE Tom Waits.
            Enjoy the attached video, and don’t be afraid to shamelessly rock out.  I know I am.

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