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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mark’s Pick of The Week Shake Your Head by Spider Bags

            So I’m hanging about the internet, as is often my wont, when suddenly I come across another fantastic band.  And now, since you too are hanging about on the internet, you get to hear about it. 
            Spider Bags is an abrasive gritty rock guitar act straight out of New Jersey.  My first impression of them is they’re almost “Bruce Springsteen meets The Butthole Surfers,” and as John can attest to, that’s something I’ve been hoping for since I can’t remember then. 
            These guys are indie rock at their “indie rockiest.”  The guitar is driving, the lyrics are belted out and the drums are so damn loud.  The subject of the songs seem to be a lot about having no money, no car, no (insert other object here.)  I’m not sure of the fiscal state the band is in, but they manage to really sell it.  It may not be blues music, but because of the subject feels, it’s just a different means to the same end. 

The band is fronted by Dan McGee on guitar and vocal.  He brings with him an attitude that is really endearing at least to me.  They sound like a band you know, or maybe met when they played a show by you.  Bands like that stick with you, and maybe they’ll never be playing stadiums, but every show they play is so spontaneous and organic that you might not want to see them play a stadium anyway.  

You can download the album on their bandcamp as well as pick up a free single for the song below, “Friday Night,” one of my favorite tracks on the album.  Follow them on facebook, and defiantly check out their other cleverly named albums: A Celebration of Hunger, and Goodbye Cruel World, Hello Crueler World.

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