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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Track of the Moment: Black Dice by Death Grips

            Death Grips was dropped from Epic.  I could have prewritten this article on October 1 because when they leaked their new album, NO LOVE DEEP WEB, with “the album cover” it was basically a matter of time.  (Definitely check out Eric’s review of this album if you haven't already)
            Personally I would be more surprised if signing onto Epic wasn’t the beginning of a gigantic publicity stunt.   You got Death Grips: one of the most controversial, unconventional, experimental, and quite frankly scariest bands on the map signing with Epic records one of the biggest record labels ever.  Combine that with DG’s love for shenanigans that more then once defiantly cross the line into breach of contract there will probably be some issues. 
For instance, this was included in "The Money Store" album

            I think I speak for the whole blog when I say we’ll totally sign Death Grips on our record label: “Death Grips please sign with us” Records.  We would have a fantastic time.  In the mean time check out this song off the new release.  I wouldn’t want you to steal from Epic or anything, but if you were to say type in “download NO LOVE DEEP WEB Death Grips” on Google there would be no shortage of hosting sites and links.  Also check out their first album, The Money Store, reviewed (again) by Eric.

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