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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Track of the Moment- Grown Up by Danny Brown

 I have a lot of respect for artists who can stay relevant by releasing new albums. I have even more respect for artists who can stay relevant by releasing only a single, and that is something that Danny Brown has done. Despite not putting out an album this year, Brown comes across as a man who has been busier than ever, staying endlessly connected on Twitter and somehow finding time to write Grown Up. For someone who prides himself on how explicitly he can describe sex acts, Grown Up is a comparatively clean song that features a beat catchier than his usual work.  On top of that it has got some real lyrical gems like, “Hotter than a Hot Pocket out the Devil’s Microwave”. If that wasn’t enough, it has also got one of the best videos of the year to go with it, one part silly one part adorable two parts incredibly creative. It is pretty difficult to find anything negative to say about Danny Brown, which is strange  considering how abrasive he can be at times, but with albums as good as The Hybrid and XXX under his belt, I can’t imagine his next record will be anything other than fantastic. 

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