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Monday, April 16, 2012

Elliott's Eccentricities- Raconte-Moi Une Histoire by M83

It is time for another Eccentricity and the voices in my head keep saying “Raconte-Moi Une Histoire”, or as the English say, “tell me a story”. I asked the voices in my head why they were suddenly French and they replied by calling me a stupid American. So in the spirit of appeasing the insane Frenchmen that are currently residing somewhere in my noggin, A story it is!

Last fall I was sitting in Steve’s room when he was deciding what album he was going to pick for his album of the year. He then put on M83’s Hurry Up We’re Dreaming (he ended up picking it as long time readers are aware). I was busy doing work and half listening as I do most albums when I first listen to them, when suddenly I put everything down and started jamming out. I couldn’t explain it, I was suddenly in love with this French electronic band that I had never heard before. Yes, Raconte-Moi Une Histoire made me fall in love with M83. I think the song also made all the voices in my head French…
Raconte-Moi Une Autre Histoire, the voices demand. Apparently that story sucked so I will give it a second go. A few weeks later, M83 announced that they were going to be playing at Union Transfer in May! Yet just as my heart entered the stratosphere it came crashing down. The show sold out in 8 minutes… I was crushed. Yet months later they announced that they would be extending their tour, and returning to Philly in August! This time I waited online and sniped tickets for the whole FoaL team. I really can’t wait. Ok, the Frenchmen are appeased and I can start to talk about some jams. (Sorry about the video, couldn't find a better one).

On the eccentricity scale ranging from 1 to 10
1- I hear voices in my head
10- I head French voices in my head
Raconte-Moi Une Histoire - 3/10

Raconte-Moi Une Histoire, or as I like to call it, the frog song, is the exact opposite of the stories above; it doesn’t suck. The song is a beautiful crescendo. It starts off really simple, just some snapping and synth. Then every few measures a new section of the song comes in. Slowly these sections build on each other, former something greater than their individual parts. By doing this, M83 is able to slowly build up a mood that fits so perfectly with the lyrics. Many electronic have done the slowly adding layers thing, but not like this and not to this effect. It is something worth listening to.

On top of this wonderful multi-layer dip of musical genius, is a story that is too adorable to describe. Well, I will do my best. I would say that it is absolutely adorable in every way possible; it is like a box of puppies playing tug of war against a cornucopia filled with kittens while a baby watches and giggles. I mean common, “and everything looks like a giant cupcake”? That is adorable. “It’s very funny to be a frog”? Burger Meister Meister Burger just shed a tear. “The biggest group of friends the world has ever seen, jumping and laughing forever”? I think I just heard Stalin say “dawwwww…” in his grave…

The climax of the song happens right as the story ends, the slow pulsing joy that was built up underneath the child’s voice wells up and takes over. The music fills up my entire being and displaces everything negative. I listen to this song and I feel like a little kid, no matter what. The world is suddenly filled with wonder and magic again. This goes on for a while until it suddenly drops out in a very fitting, cathartic end. This end peaceful feeling is continued in the next song with the lulling and comfortable sound of a train. It is such a great way to transition out of a song and is my favorite part of the album.

So I hope you listen to this song and take it to heart. Be a bit more of a kid and enjoy a bit more of the wonder that is so easily forgotten in the business of life. We could all use a bit of pretending to be a frog. Why not form the greatest group of friends the world has ever known, all it takes is a bit of compassion. And then the world would be a slightly less scary, slightly more wonderful place to live.

It would great right?

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