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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mark’s Pick of the Week: Metz by Metz

           (You can stream the album on soundcloud while you read) 
          If I had had to think of the one draw back to punk it would be that listening to it anywhere, but live is lacking, lacking the energy, spontaneity, organic nature, just plane lacking.  This is certainly not to say that I don’t love listening to a good “balls to the wall” punk album, but for anyone who has got to experience a band like Googol Bordello or Sonic Youth first hand and then gone back to the album you can’t help but feel like they just put a box around the band, and put that on the record.  You can’t do that in punk.  Punk is the stage, the audience, the venue, the walls, the dizziness from bobbing your head, the crap on the floor, the wires, the feeling of weightlessness, the feedback, sweat…other stuff.  You get the idea.  Metz managed to package every one of those things in their album, and it took them about 5 years to do it. 
            Metz is a three-piece noise punk trio from Toronto.  Having formed in 2007, and not putting out an album until now certainly says something.  You can fit a lot of practice into 5 years. 

            The idea of “honing your craft” when it comes to punk rock is pretty antipunk in some ways.  However, listen to the first buzzing sound off of “headache” and you realize that everything is done to a T.  It’s perfectly mixed to sound raw, cleaned up to sound unrehearsed, like imperfection bottled up in perfection.  The best artists can walk this line of being really good at just wailing on your instruments with the restraint of a 5 year old.  “That’s just noise” says someone just writing it off, but look at it really.  It has crescendos, melody, and all that other good stuff.  It’s just a different medium. 
             I don’t know much more I could say about this album that can’t really be said better by the music.  The whole album is available for streaming on their soundcloud.  Also check them out on bandcamp and facebook.
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