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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mark’s Pick of the Week Sorry by White Lung

           No White Lung, I should be the one who is sorry.  I never got a chance to cover your album when it dropped earlier this May.  This is that magical time of year when all the music websites like Acclaimed Music, NPR music, and Pitchfork release their end of year music lists, and I get a second chance to rediscover bands that I might have otherwise missed.  It’s a good opportunity, and it fills up the time until March when music releases get back into the swing of things. 
            Giving White lungs sophomore effort a second listen was great idea.  They basically sum up the album with the tags they use on their bandcamp page: death, destruction, hell, misery, murder, post-punk, punk rock, sorry, torture, hardcore, Vancouver.  If that’s not you’re cup of tea then you might need to try another article. 

            The longest track on this album is 2:14, so it’s safe to say these guys are by the book hardcore.  We have Anne-Marie Vassiliou on the drum, the angry angry drums. We also have driving hooks from guitarist Kenneth Williams.' Grady Mackintosh supplies contorted, and distorted bass riffs.  This is then all tied to together in a neat dirty bow by singer Mish Way.  She pulls no punches in here delivery and it can be exhausting just listening to her.  Take the track Thick Lip for example, an attack on beauty standards for woman.

Any riot grrrl fans out there might recognize parallels between bands like Hole, Bikini Kill or L7, especially in Way’s lyrics and delivery.  I’m not sure if these guys may not be riot grrrl, but the attitude of their songs and the DIY hardcore certainly draws some similarities.
I would defiantly recommend these guys for anyone who’s ever been angry before.  You can download the opening track “Take the Mirror” for free off their bandcamp.  Also check out their facebook and website.

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  1. Yeah, I read a review of this album on emusic and I almost bought it, do you have a copy?

  2. Also there are guys in the band, so Im pretty sure riot grrrl doesn't apply

  3. Bikini Kill's guitarist is a guy dude! And no I don't have a physical copy at the moment. I streamed it on Spotify

  4. Hmmm are you sure? And when I say that I mean are you really sure? Like really really sure?