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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Track of the Moment: Between Friends by Flying Lotus ft. Earl Sweatshirt and Captain Murphy

            I write the title of this track with a hint of irony because as any Captain Murphy google search will tell you: Flying Lotus IS Captain Murphy!  So in light of this I figured I’d spotlight the track that first introduced the mysterious Captain Murphy to the world.
            Lotus is a phenomenal producer, and the fact that we haven’t included him that much on the blog is a little strange.  Earl is one of the most promising acts in underground hip-hop.  He has the flow and delivery at age 16 that speaks volumes about what he’ll be able to do when he comes into his own.  Also Lotus, under the Capt. Moniker, more then holds his own with one of hip-hop’s rising stars.
Pictured: Flying Lotus (Left) Flying Lotus (Right)
            The two things you can take from this track is first, it’s DAMN good.  Everything from the beat, the lyrics, the hook, it’s all brilliantly executed.  Second, it’s a reminder of how talented both these guys are.  We’re going to get to see more of Earl now that he’s back and in the studio which will most likely be fantastic.  We also have Lotus taking off his mask, and showing us he can not only produce, but can also rap.  All in all, a pretty bright glimpse into what we may be getting in the future.
            The best thing about this track is you can get it now for free as part of the Adult Swim singles program that you can download on the link, as well as on his newly rereleased Captain Murphy mix tape Duality (I would suspect the album is going to be getting a write up in the near future.)

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