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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mark’s Pick of the Week Taco Leg by Taco Leg

With a name like Taco Leg you either expect a band that doesn’t take itself to seriously or a band that takes itself WAY to seriously.  These guys are deep in the camp of the former.  You can do anything with post-punk, but these guys decided to take dead-pan vocals, 5 note riffs, and dry, thrashy drums, and then called it a day.
It’s hard to get all the details on underground bands because even with the internet not all the info is present with the clarity and detail that I’d feel comfortable telling people second hand.  What I do know is these guys are a trio from Perth, Australia.  Andrew Murray does the vocals, Richard Ingham plays the drums and Clair Weeden plays guitar (Female Guitarist!? Awesome!)  This self-titled was released this year. (when exactly I haven’t found, but who really cares?)
The closest band thematically I can think of to compare these guys would be Beat Happening.  Of course Beat Happening is a bit more twee and…fanciful? Taco Leg’s approach comes off as a bit detached. They are cool by not trying too hard, which, as everyone knows is SUPER COOL.
I would have to say this is not even garage rock.  Garage rock implies you have a rehearsal planed, and you have everything laid out, and there’s a purpose.  This is dorm rock.  Instruments are there, musicians are there, music ensues, fast, organic, genuine music.
This is a damn good album.  I wouldn’t write about it if it wasn’t, but some of the tracks are begging for a bit more substance.  We can only survive on scraps for so long, no matter how tasty they are.  At 19.5 minutes this is not to intimate look at the songwriting talents of these guys.  However, all I can do is hope we can get some more. 
You can stream the whole album on their record label, Fan Death’s, soundcloud. For convenience’s sake I have it embedded here.  I recommend turning the speakers up…louder then that.  That’s better.  Also their facebook.

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