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Friday, January 4, 2013

Dan's Track of the Moment: Troubles From So Long Ago by Wooly & the Mammoth

A great way to start out the new year is an introduction of an indie folk band that hails from Brooklyn, NY. They are “Wooly & the Mammoth”. The group of talented musicians have an upcoming release of their very first EP, and are now preparing to move out of New York City. They are expected to arrive in Philly towards the end of February.
So far they’ve released three original songs up for download, and I’m impressed of how well they arrange their instruments. The sound that they create is both new and old. One could easily relate them to other indie folk bands like “Fleet Foxes” or “Tallest Man On Earth”. Their sound is a battle between the ages, for example, the electric guitar gives their songs a modern, alternative feel to it, while the violin gives them a bit of authentic revival. Ian Holubiak’s voice reminds me of Billy Joe Armstrong’s, but at the same time he can remind me of Bob Dylan’s. Both voices annoy me at times, but don’t worry he pulls it off pretty well.
The song, “Troubles From So Long Ago” is a great tune. It’s catchy and it has a nice buildup from beginning to end, starting with just the guitar, then adding on strings, vocals, drums, bass and electric guitar. The instruments are evenly balanced too, meaning it’s not just a mash up of sounds. I can pick out what is what, which is good to have in a song. The guitar solos mix with the violin solos and lyrics really well, ending the song with a bang.
“Wooly & the Mammoth” has a great sound, and I believe these musicians have a promising future ahead of them. I look forward to more of their releases.  You can download a free copy of the track on the widget below.

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