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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Track of the Moment: In Your Hands by The Heavy

         If you are not familiar with The Heavy, then do you remember that KIA commercial where all the toys are driving the car and jamming out to a certain song? Yeah that was by them. Also, if you were hyped about the game Borderlands 2, then you probably know who I’m talking about. Although they originate from England, I consider them to be a New Orleans version of The Black Keys if that makes any sense. 
The rare track, “In Your Hands”, was released as a B-side for the single, “What Makes A Good Man?” before their latest album that was released last August. One thing that I’ve learned is that you never underestimate the B-sides in 7" singles (unless it’s John Lennon with Yoko Ono). The thing that I found most intriguing about this song was the simplicity of it, at least compared to the songs of their newest album, The Glorious Dead. Nonetheless, it sounds like it could be a reboot of and old gospel tune. It may be a bit simpler for The Heavy, but it has a lot to offer all by itself.

For anyone who has listened to The Heavy’s music, there are regular appearances of horn sections and choirs. In my opinion, the subtle sound of the chorus in the background of “In Your Hands” is what drives this song. It has a great upbeat motion to it, but the voices carry the listener deeper into the song. 
This song brings up the point that you can find amazing music out of rare releases, demos and B-sides. Some of my favorite songs happen to fall under these categories. It may take time, but the findings are well worth the effort.  

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