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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mark’s Pick of the Week: Fidlar by Fidlar

Mom + Pop Music are a pretty good label.  They are signed to blog favorites like Metric, Andrew Bird, Neon Indian, Sleigh Bells, and recently Wavves!  I’m sure there are plenty of other acts on the label I would like if I get a chance to hear them.  Case in point I just listen to Fidlar (which is an acronym for “FUCK IT DOG LIFE'S A RISK”) the L.A. 4 piece who just release their first LP through these guys. 
These guys are just balls-to-the-wall, DIY punk.  The songs start and then end, no speed change, or speed limit.  It comes as no surprise that the band’s list of influences on facebook are all different kinds of beers.  No Waves is a great example of their dynamic.  The effect on the microphone gives it a fuzzy feeling.  The chorus has a great piano part to go with the humming “not lyrics.”  To rap it all up the whole thing is about kegs and coke. 

Another interesting part of this album is it’s attitude.  Obviously some songs are angry, but there are also a lot that aren’t even if it sounds like it might be.  The songs are just really honest portrayals of what’s going on, and what’s going on is loud, frantic, dangerous, loud, reckless, loud and sometimes very loud.  In that situation there’s nothing to be mad at except maybe the cigarettes or beer. 
Blackout Stout is another great track from the album.  If ever there were a ballad to a subpar night of drinking this would be it.  Anyone who has been in this situation knows the feeling of being both disappointed and chemically imbalanced (and sometimes even physically imbalanced.)  It certainly isn’t fun, but everyone has night like that, even punk rockers.
Some punk albums are really introspective, some are about social issues, and some aren’t necessarily about anything.  This album is about drugs, beer, and parties.  Sometimes you aren’t looking for that in an album, but sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered.  There are very few bands out that I feel really crystallize the personality of a party that is just the right amount of out of control.  Just don’t think too much and let yourself get knocked around a bit.  You don’t have to get up for anything tomorrow.
Check out their bandcamp, and tumbler where you can buy the album or get a free EP.

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