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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Track of the Moment: mainsHum EP by mnttaB

This was the closest thing I could find to a band photo...
These guys might not have the most conventional way of spelling “Meant-to-Be,” but nothing about them seems to be very conventional.  Any attempt I may make to categorize them seems to me like it will fall desperately short, so I’ll just mention a few tidbits from their various social media pages.

“Cathartic spastic disco sludge guaranteed to block the sink and leave chunks floating on the surface.”

“Noise-enriched synth-punk mayhem”

“A Melbourne based new romantic, jazz funk, post-nothing, noise-pop smorgasbord with extra mayonnaise.”

            That probably brought up more questions then it answered, but don’t blame me.  I’m about as lost as you guys are.  I am enjoying it though!  These guys are pretty good at building a wall of sound that on the surface seems pretty abrasive, but underneath is something surprisingly catchy.  Very great low-fi effects and lyrics are sprinkled around adding to the dysfunctional nature.
            I feel obligated to throw my hat into the “genre-defining ring,” so here it goes: mnttaB is what you get when you fill a recording studio with water and then throw it into a giant blender…but with the best results possible!
            Check out their new EP “mainsHum” below, as well as their bandcamp and facebook.

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