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Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Gentlemanly Conversation with Colleen Green

            I don’t know if I made it to clear in my previous article, but I was VERY excited for Colleen Green’s most recent album.  After she more then met my expectations I sent her an email, and to my surprise she was more then happy to have a talk with us.  Turns out she’s actually as cool as her music would suggest.  We talked about how she got her start, recording her new album, and what she has planned for after.

When did you start writing music?
I have been writing songs ever since I was a very young person. I started writing real music with an instrument though around the age of 13, when I got my first guitar.

Were there any really inspirational albums for you when you were younger?
Yes! I was greatly affected by the Annie Original Cast Recording as a little girl. In elementary school I was awed by the melodies and harmonies of Boyz II Men and En Vogue. And at the age of 11 I discovered Sublime. I became completely obsessed with the band and their music and remained that way throughout middle and high school. I would listen to "40 oz. to Freedom" and their self-titled album every night on headphones when I went to sleep.

How long has this new record been in the making?
I dunno like, 2 years maybe? Altogether. But also like, my whole life.

This is your first record on Hardly Art.  How has that been working for you?
Wellllll actually, Hardly Art released a 4-song 7 inch of mine in 2011. It is casually known as the Green One EP. I've been working with them for about 3 years now and it's been awesome! They always throw dope SXSW parties and let me crash with them all the time. They're so coooool and they just get it. I am totally honored to be a part of the Sub Pop family, 4 ever and always. Can't even believe it.

Did you have a lot of fun recording this record?
It was work! Me and Danny worked really hard on it, and we had our fun but it was definitely stressful and like, we all wanted it to come out really good so it was an important job that needed to be taken seriously. But it was kinda cool being in Seattle and like, doing something weird.

Are you always very meticulous with your recordings or was this was different?
Yes I am.

What's it like being in Seatle?  (You're an east coast girl right?)
I am from the East Coast although I have been living in CA for about 4 years now. Being in Seattle was cool because it's a beautiful and interesting city, and kinda ruff, and my label is there, and I love and appreciate all the musical lore of the area. The Fastbacks, one of my favorite bands of ALL TIME, are from Seattle and were on Sub Pop. And I get to go there. It's such an incredible feeling. But it was rainy as fuck there and cold.

What records were you listening to when you were recording?
UB40 "Rat in the Kitchen", DEVO "New Traditionalists", a Gallagher comedy album, "Adventures in Agapeland", and "Six Presidents Speak: A Profile of the Presidency".

How do your songs normally start?
Oh, any old way. Sometimes it starts with a lil' melody, or a line of lyrics, or a drum beat, or a good chord progression.

The drums on some of the tracks seem a bit electronic, pretty insulated.  Why did you go for that sound?
Yes, I use a drum machine on every song. There is some "real" percussion on there to supplement, but not very much. I started using and recording with the drum machine because I didn't really have much else to do when I first moved to LA. I wanted to continue making music but I didn't know anyone, and with Garageband I discovered how easy it was to make recordings all by myself! I also just really liked how the drum machine sounded so I kept using it, although I recorded it in different ways.

What are your favorite covers to play live?
Ooooh that's a good question. I love playing any cover live! "Burning for You" is really fun and always elicits a nice response. I love to play "I'm Not the One" by Teen Idols because it's so pretty and sad and fun to sing. And "On my Mind" by Damone kills me.

Are there any songs from your old records you would like to rerecord?
Yes! The Have Mercys had a song called "Killed and Consumed" that I have always wanted to re-record. And who knows? Maybe I will.

Why'd did you decide to keep a lot of the fuzz in this record?
Because I love fuzz!

How the Hell did you get so cool?
haha, I don't know! I think I just know a lot of really cool people, and maybe that makes me cool by association or something. I actually suck pretty bad!

What's next now that your records out?
Touring, hanging out, painting t-shirts and writing songs always!

Another great interview!  I’d like to thank Ms. Green for taking the time to talk with us.  Check her out on her Hardly Art page, as well as her facebook and bandcamp.  Check out the video for her song "Taxi Driver"!

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