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Friday, May 10, 2013

Dan's Pick of the Week: All The Time In The World by Jonas Carping

“I wanna be custom made 
reborn then wildly contained
then released a legend by name
no remorse, no restrains”

  Swedish singer/songwriter Jonas Carping has developed a very distinguishable sound in his new debut, All The Time In The World. The listener can feel at home with the music, while the lyrics are deep, touching, and relatable. For Dylan or Cohen fans, this music would be right up their alley. The songs on this album are simple yet unique, avoiding heavy instrumentation for more intimacy with the listener. Carping’s voice is passionate, ultimately standing alone among others. 

  The ten track album consists of personal stories about troubled relationships, dreams and the reactions that follow. It begins with the song “Left In Here” which confronts the listener with pressing matters: “Still hoping for some change, but I cannot get on out of here”. The track “Underground” is probably one my favorite songs on the album because overall it’s beautiful, catchy, and well arranged. “Anything” is dramatic and almost theatrical, but excluding the chorus, the track can be a little tedious at times. “The Sting”, however, is an amazing song. Originally released as a single, it is the most lively track on the album, with great vocals and arrangement. 

  “Serenade” is one of the simplest songs on the album, but I believe it has the best lyrics compared to the other tracks. “Rulers” is the short and fast with lyrics that seem to lean more politically compared to other songs. “The One” progresses with a straight foot-tapping beat, and it has a great build up to it from beginning to end. “One More Song” and “Sideways” are bittersweet, with lyrics that seem hopeful. The violin at the end of “Sideways” is beautiful and is a great way to rap up the album. The final track, “Leaving Now”, acts as a ‘last hurrah’ for All The Time In The World. It bursts with authentic drums and fantastic vocals on Carping’s part.

    The album can drag at times, but overall it is very original. It remains strong and relatable from beginning to end, and each song is unique yet compiled as one. I love Jonas Carping’s voice for the reason that it is spontaneous throughout the album’s progression, and at no times do I grow tired of it. I would definitely recommend this album for anyone who enjoys folk singer/songwriters like Bob Dylan.  

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