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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Track of the Moment: Walking Blues by The Hindu Love Gods

            Something can really be said about spontaneity, especially in music.  Now a days I feel it’s almost a lost art.  When you have bands overly rehearse their material, and coordinate it with lights and effects there’s really no room for any sort of improv. And that’s a shame because there have been some FANTASTIC moments in rock history that were totally off the cuff like the solo in Stairway to Heaven, Nirvana’s phenomenal stage performances, the mid-song change in “wrong ‘Em Boyo,” and this: The Hindu Love Gods.
            (Since I was born a few years after these events transpired my account is hearsay, but here it goes)  By all accounts the Hindu Love Gods were just kind of a on and off deal between Warren Zevon and most of R.E.M.  They would just play shows consisting of blues covers, Zevon’s material, and some original stuff that to my knowledge was never recorded.  In 1987 Zevon was in the studio recording his album Sentimental Hygiene (an album that’s a story in itself) the rest of the Love Gods were his back up band.  One (allegedly drunken) night the band went into the studio, and recorded 10 blues staples never intended for release.  These, of course, were later released as things recorded never to be released often are.  The resulting album had some fantastic tracks including the opening track Walking Blues an awesome cover of a Robert Johnson tune.

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