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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mark’s Track of the Moment: Piranha Club by Man Man

It’s really cool to be one of the core members of a fan base.  You kind of get to feel like you’re a member of the band.   Watching new material come out and seeing live shows feels very personal, and is extremely enjoyable.  That’s how a few of the guys on the blog feel about Man Man (except Elliot.  He hates Man Man…Man.)
            This song kicks SO MUCH ASS!  It’s a song that reminds me why it’s so fun to write about music.  Every time I listen to this song I get transported to the recording studio when they laid down the track.  I get down with these guys who leave it all on the stage every time.  We have Honus Honus a fantastic lyricist and front man, belting out these lyrics and banging on the keys.  The rest of the band joins in with…I’m not exactly sure but there’s a lot (defiantly castanets, that’s one of my favorite additions to the song.) 
            We’ve got to see these guys play live, and were by no means disappointed!  This was played, among others, and they were all awesome!  I’m going to end with a quote Elliot made in one of his previous posts about Man Man (Ya, I lied Elliot is the biggest fan of us all.) 

“Something in this song just makes me feel unleashed. It is as though I am able to physically exhale my inner demons just by singing along. It is as if I become a madman for three and a half minutes and at the end I return to my true self. That might just be me, but that is some powerful stuff right there.”

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  1. Thanks for the quote, I really like that one. :D

    And yeah, saying I am the biggest Man Man fan out of all of us is a bit of an understatement XP