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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Track of the Moment- The Weight by The Band

Well, we lost one of the greats today, Levon Helm singer and drummer for The Band died. The Band were amazing, in short summation they started off as Bob Dylan’s backup band, but never really were content in the background and quickly reached their own success. Most of that success was due in part to Levon’s drumming and song writing skills and Robbie Robertson’s guitar chops. One of the bands most memorable tracks of course is the excellently written song (by Robbertson but sung by Helm) The Weight.  The song was penned in and written about Nazareth, Pennsylvania and remains a truly classic tune among the Band’s brilliant discography. Here is a clip of them performing the song during thier excellent concert film The Weight, which if you havent seen you should, it is my favorite concert movie by far.

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