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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Track of the Moment: Salute Your Solutions by the Raconteurs

             In case I didn’t mention Jack White is coming out with a solo album next week, and as you can imagine I’m not excited in the least.  But since I always am about being current I figured I’d give him a bit more press in the form of one of the most baffling songs I’ve ever heard.
            When my friend played me this song for the first time last year I was blown away.  This guitar rift is literally perfect.  The idea that no one had made this song before utterly floored me.   This 4 chord rift is by no means complex, but it manages to carry itself better then a more complex one might.  If music had a form then this song would materialize out of the speaker, and punch you right in the face right from the first note.  This is a characteristic that Jack White seems to bring to every project he starts.  I’m not saying it’s just him; the Raconteurs are on of the most talented bands he’s amassed in his celebrated history. 
             Well even if it’s crazy no one else made this awesomely simple rock song before I’m glad these guys took it upon themselves to bring it into the world.  You can listen to it in anticipation of the buttery goodness that’ll be dropping this time next week!

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