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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Track of the Moment: Euro-Trash Girl by Cracker

           The thing about great music is it never leaves you.  It follows you whenever you go, and can really brighten up your day if you happen upon it flipping through your Ipod.  That happened to me yesterday with Cracker.  As frequent readers know I’m no stranger to this band, and have been listening to them since 1992, but no band is truly good enough to listen to nonstop every day, so Cracker had sort of faded into the background recently.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve listened to them, but when I came back it was the magic to my ears.
            Euro-Trash Girl is the 69th (ya the way this album is structured is very weird) track off the album Kerosene Hat.  It is a pull-no-punches ode to the runaway.  It tells the story of a man who finds himself in Europe with no money, no contacts, no control, and only one aspiration: to find a Euro-trash girl.  The song is vintage Cracker, with witty lyrics, fantastic twangy guitar, and driving drums. 
The drum piece to me is the most interesting part of the song.  For the most part the beat is a very simple, a snare drum played to almost a marching tune.   It’s as if the character in the song is marching.  He’s on a path, no matter how chaotic and sporadic his adventure seems, and it’s coming to an end. Where exactly?    You tell me.

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