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Monday, April 23, 2012

New Jersey White Boy's Rap of the Week: by Yung Jake

Rap has finally entered the internet age. I know what you’re thinking, “But NJWB, you explained how rappers like Turquoise Jeep and Lil B used Twitter and Facebook to get a bunch of people to listen to them, and how sites like Rap Genius use advanced features from popular websites to explain rap lyrics?” Yes I did, and yes they are. But they would need a spaceship to get on his level (I’m against the ladder that’s forever). You might also say to me “You’re just using this introduction as a thinly veiled attempt to get views on your previous articles.” Well, Mr. Strawman… that’s actually pretty good. I thought you were supposed to be easier to defeat than that. Um, okay, yeah, you’re right. But let’s talk about the music.

Yung Jake is ironic to a degree I’ve never seen – liking Justin Bieber, painting his nails, no emotion in the love song “It’s Alright”, running the kind of website I created in 5th grade computer class (actually, my website was better), autotuning even though he doesn’t sing, using and liking Macs (boom! Suck it Mac users!) [editor’s note: those using Macs do not have to “suck it”, and their purchases do not make them bad people], and the list goes on. As he says in "Datamosh", “it’s cool because it’s nerdy”, and as a child whose constantly embedded in the internet, I can only agree. And I think that’s where the appeal is – someone who can rap about the nerdiest aspects of the internet, but make them gangsta. Because that’s what “hood” people are doing now; using Twitter, Facebook, and various websites and blogs to discuss their “hood” activities.