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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Track of the Momemnt-To Clean by Woods

There are a lot of sissies running around under the moniker of folk these days. And while an album name like Songs of Shame may not dissuade you right off of the bat, the band Woods are not sissies at all. They remind me a bit of Dinosaur Jr. which at first may seem like a strange comparison but I think it fits. Remember that Dinosaur Jr. made a whole album (Living All Over Me) about whining endlessly over a woman, singing what are at times pathetic lyrics. Led by J Mascis though somehow it all made sense, those guitar solos made him sound like a badass no matter what he sung. Same with Woods, they play folk music about helplessness, depression, and so forth, but it never stops rocking, they never fall into the trap that folk music needs to be acoustic. A track that really accentuates this element is the opener from the aforementioned Songs of Shame, To Clean, which opens with sloppy

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