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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Track of the Moment- Glass Jar by Gang Gang Dance

When a song takes five minutes of buildup to finally get where it is going it better be good, and Glass Jar is just that. The opener off of Gang Gang Dance’s album Eye Contact, Glass Jar is an explosion of sonic electronic music that builds up to the beat and then drives it home, for six minutes. In case you haven’t been doing the math, five minutes of build up followed by six minutes of exploding beats adds up to a total of eleven minutes, and while eleven minutes may seem a bit daunting for a traditional dance track Glass Jar leaves you wanting more. The song starts off with a claim that’s a little hard to believe at first, “I can hear everything, its everything time”. As Glass Jar progresses however it becomes evident that the band can deliver, and that it is indeed everything time.

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