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Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Gentlemanly Conversation with Yung Jake

A few weeks ago, Yung Jake shared my article about him on Facebook, and, as Mark and Elliott can attest, I nearly died when I saw that. Of course, I didn’t die, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do anymore articles, and that would be a shame, wouldn’t it? But once I recovered from my heart attack, I decided to ask him a few questions, since there’s practically no information on him anywhere (and by anywhere, I mean within the first 2 pages of a Google search. This interview probably won’t change that). If you want a bit more context for this interview, check out my fantastic article about him.

Since face-to-face/email/phone interviews are too mainstream, I texted him. Yes, it was hilarious. I used the phone number he put on his Facebook page (which, by the way, is filed under "Places"), but it turns out that’s just the number of one of his good friends. As I said in my article, he’s the master of trolling. Once I got his real number, one of the best conversations I could have asked for followed.

I know you went to school for art. What made you decide to go into rap?

You know what I went to school for?

Yeah, on Facebook you said that you went to the California Institute of Art, and Rap Genius says you painted Max Barbaria for the Datamosh video. I do a lot of research man.

I go hard in the paint. Yeah, I’m thinking of getting back into painting but it’s kind of the lame post-grad move.

Well, I thought it was pretty good, but hey, it’s your life. Do you have any plans for making more music?

I might be working on something with Hunter Payne, but I don’t really make music, you know?

Like, in the metaphysical sense, that it’s more art than music, or it’s just a side project you do for fun occasionally?


Do you consider what you do as art?

Yeah. But I’m sure any rapper would say that.

Not to diss other rappers, but I would consider your songs more artistic than most other rappers’ songs.

Thanks <3

Speaking of which, other than Justin Bieber, what musicians do you like and/or look up to?

Wait, is that a good thing?

Yeah man. I got mad respect for the biebs. He’s got a good voice, and with the freestyles and “Boyfriend”, it shows he’s not afraid to experiment. Plus, he’s living the dream – he got discovered on Youtube and is getting paid to do what he loves.

[I listen to] mostly people who are hot right now; 2 Chainz, [Odd] Future, Drake, Max Barbaria, etc.

That’s a solid set of artists. I also got to ask – who’s Max Moyer? Like, you got a whole song dedicated to the dude.

He’s a weird kid that went to high school with some kids I know. Also, I just know him from around where I grew up. He looks good and has a cool name. We used to shred on Sector 9’s

I feel ya. And was “It’s Alright” inspired by anyone in particular?

It was inspired by young love, high school style. And summertime.

I know what you mean. I think we’ve all been there at some point, you know?

Yeah, most people.

I’m kind of curious – when you were doing that “Successful” freestyle, what was up with that whole “I like them bitches when they’re 14” thing?

My wifey is 14. When I was 18 I liked doling out my shellac hoagie to young girls.

Shellac hoagie?

Yes, correct, my shellac hoagie

Anyway, one last question – would you call yourself a hipster?

That’s obnoxious.

I agree. Everyone at the blog gets called a hipster all the time. I was wondering if you thought of yourself as one.

I don’t think anyone thinks of themselves as one; there’s always someone else to call a hipster. My boy is a food vintner. You want that vintage food you gotta holla at him.

What does he make?

Chinese by the refrigerator from a year ago, throwbacks from three weeks ago. He’s the turkey lacer.

I feel ya man. I got some cooking skills, but your boy sounds like he knows his shit. Well, I’m all out of questions. Any last minute comments?

YuNg’N’tHuGgIn’. yUnG’n’ThUgGiN’

Check out his blog, like him on Facebook, subscribe to his Youtube channel, follow him on Twitter, and look up his address and stalk him in real life. Hopefully I can meet Yung Jake in person, especially after this conversation.

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