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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dan's Pick of the Week: At Bay by Wooly & the Mammoth

     I had previously reviewed the song “Troubles From So Long Ago” from this band, but now they have released an EP titled At Bay which includes this track as well. Brooklyn’s Wooly & the Mammoth has such a ripened sound that doesn’t feel like they only started last year. As I have stated earlier, the band is a mix of current folk groups. It would be hard to pass their music without wanting to hear more.  
     “We Are Love” opens the album with much energy, carrying duel vocals by Ian Holubiak and Ali Schilder. The song, “Fallen Down” is an alternate version of the first release. The two recordings are practically the same except for the beginnings. What bothers me about this version is the shouting in the first couple measures, because it has such a random appearance in the beginning that clashes with the rest of the song. Not to mention that it has been done countless times in popular music. “Troubles From So Long Ago”, however, remains untouched from before, which was a better decision. I do believe that this is their more outstanding track. "The Rain Will Come" is catchy and has a very welcoming feel to it, but my favorite song would have to be “Premonitions of War”. The driving force and explosiveness of it all can match that of Mumford and Sons. The final track, “Carry On”, is a lighter tune with a large buildup from beginning to end, which is always a good way to end an album. 
     It is well worth giving a listen to At Bay because of its steady upbeat feel and catchy tunes. Wooly & the Mammoth is certainly building up to becoming a great band. I look forward to more of their releases.
Listen to the full album here!

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