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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Psychosis 2: Preview for the Elite Eight

Hello everyone,

Summer Psychosis 2 is dragging its feet a little bit...but that's only to elevate the suspense! We had 64 great songs a month and a half ago. Now we're down to the elite eight, and things are going to get really interesting. Not only are the remaining seeds varied (ranging from #1 to #13, with only #2 repeated), but it seems like all of the songs we love have to take each other out. It's gut-wrenching, but we can't stop now.

1st Round - def. People Get Ready, 7-2
2nd Round - def. Papa's Got a Brand New Bag, 6-1
Sweet 16 - def. Sympathy For The Devil, 5-4
Overall record: 18-7 (.720)

How It Can Win: As the #1 overall seed in the bracket, "Like a Rolling Stone" was subject to very high expectations. But as the last round showed, it is vulnerable to songs that the voters really love. A few of our voters aren't big fans of Bob Dylan in general. Still, those who like "Rolling Stone" REALLY like it. If those people show up, this song could go a long way.


1st Round - def. Only The Lonely, 9-0
2nd Round - def. Yesterday, 6-1
Sweet 16 - Strawberry Fields Forever, 6-3
Overall Record: 21-4 (.840)

How It Can Win: "My Generation" is not breezy per se, but it has breezed through the competition so far. The incredible musicianship of the Who and the rebellious nature of the song are a big part of the appeal and should continue to be. If the voters decide that raw emotion and closely identifying with the song are more important than other factors, then "My Generation" has the upper hand.

1st Round - def. House of the Rising Sun, 7-2
2nd Round - def. Respect, 6-1
Sweet 16 - def. Hey Jude, 7-2
Overall Record: 20-5 (.800)

How It Can Win: Can you say one of the greatest riffs of all time? "Whole Lotta Love" is that and so much more. It's the entire Led Zeppelin package made even more powerful when going up against much tamer 60's songs. In essence, "Whole Lotta Love" represents the future, heavy sound of rock. That significance makes it as important as it is fun, allowing it to topple some heavy-hitters in the process. Also, high school memories can be very strong ones. All of these factors make for a very dangerous dark horse.


1st Round - def. My Girl, 5-4
2nd Round - def. I Heard It Through the Grapevine, 5-2
Sweet 16 - def. You Really Got Me, 7-2
Overall Record: 17-8 (.680)

How It Can Win: Ever put a song on repeat, completely in awe of what you're hearing? It seems like a few of us voters have had that experience with "Light My Fire". The rock/jazz/baroque/poetry combination of The Doors is largely without peers, and it is "Light My Fire" that lives up to the full potential of that mix. There are songs here that rock harder, but this song does it in such a memorable and unique way. That might be hard for some to pass up.

1st Round - def. I Want to Hold Your Hand, 5-2
2nd Round - def. Purple Haze, 4-3
Sweet 16 - def. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, 6-3
Overall Record: 15-8 (.652)

How It Can Win: Everybody likes a good Cinderella story. "All Along the Watchtower", though viewed by some as not even the best Hendrix song in the bracket, has scratched and clawed its way through the field, taking down a #1 seed in the process. Yet if there's one thing that this song has, it's spunk. Great guitar work by Hendrix turned Bob Dylan's tune upside down, winning the hearts of many voters. Any song that can pull that off could go a long way.  


1st Round - def. Fortunate Son, 5-2
2nd Round - def. Green Onions, 6-1
Sweet 16 - def. Oh, Pretty Woman, 9-0
Overall Record: 20-3 (.870)

How It Can Win: "A Day in the Life" is a rarity among all-time greats in that it is undeniably epic. Perhaps that is why it enters this round with the highest winning percentage thus far, including an astonishing sweep in the Sweet 16. "Life" is not just a pop song, but a sweeping, grand gesture that has left our voters seeing stars, even those among us who aren't the biggest of Beatles fans. With that kind of power, we could see "Life" in the bracket for a very long time.

1st Round - def. When a Man Loves a Woman, 6-1
2nd Round - def. Good Vibrations, 4-3
Sweet 16 - def. California Dreamin', 6-3
Overall Record: 16-7 (.696)

How It Can Win: If there's anything that "A Change is Gonna Come" has done, it's that it has touched our voters. There may not be a song left in this bracket with as much historical significance and emotional depth. Cooke's performance as a whole is masterful; he may not be as acclaimed or recognized as other artists in the bracket, but it's clear that "Change" is his magnum opus. If that gives our voters goosebumps, then he's bound to stick around.


1st Round - def. Don't Worry Baby, 7-0
2nd Round - def. Honky Tonk Women, 5-2
Sweet 16 - def. In My Life, 7-2
Overall Record: 19-4 (.826)

How It Can Win: Like its opponent in the upcoming round, "Dock of the Bay" is packed with emotion, but it takes sadness and grief differently. It's passive and searching for calm. Redding and guitarist Steve Cropper are very adept at creating that atmosphere, turning a really good song into pure magic. One of the best soul singers of his time deserves a final masterpiece. That alone could let "Dock of the Bay" go very far.

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