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Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Gentlemanly Conversation with Ed Schrader’s Music Beat

            Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, for those of you who didn't read my previous article.  Is a Boston based minimalist post punk act head by the aforementioned Ed Schrader.  I recent contacted Mr. Schrader for an email interview, asking him about the new LP Jazz Mind, performing, and songwriting.  

How did you guys get together?
We're roommates- and I was bitching about some wack show that I didn't wanna play and I was like "ya wanna play this bullshit gig with me for shits and giggles?" He said yes. 

What genre would you guys call your music?  
Protopunk  - because of my ignorance and lack of exposure to punk- I grew up listening to REM and 80's Elton John.

Is that by choice you weren’t exposed to much punk or was it the environment your grew up in?
Growing up in New Hartford New York - the craziest music was shitty  311 cover bands- my taste was for the most part due to my environment - but I met cool kids eventually that showed me The Swans and such. But I'm still catching up- I have never heard a Dead Kennedys album.

How did you decide you were going to start making minute long songs like you do?
I hate redundancy 

But alot of your songs seems to have redundancy.  Why do you include it in your songs?

Ah 2Shay!  Chant like qualities existing in music are ok because it is just opening a window on an eternal element (ie "love love me do")But to repeat the Verse is only needed twice at most- once again I think the chorus is a different animal, The verse is your thesis being expanded upon - once you say "im losing my religion" in the chorus " you just need to splash a little color in the verse - piece together a backdrop but don't wear out your listener (ie Pink Floyd)

One of the most striking things about you guys is your energy on stage.  Where do you guys get that kind of energy?
I am trying to prove myself- or convince people to join a religion - ya gotta make it sexy.

Jazz mind is a little jarring especially on the first listen.  Is their any theme or idea that ties all the songs together?
Strange paranoid dreams, (ie wake up naked at the office )etc /crossed with a sense of romanticism and comedy I guess

How do you go about songwriting?
Predominantly For the first album I would hash out lyrics and melody at a cafe or while I was walking and then show it to Dev, and he would make bass lines now I make a melody and lyrics and he helps me refine the general body then suggests things to add or remove and even harmonizes and of course makes a bass line- or he comes up with a bass line and I work from there

The lyrics of some (actually all) of the songs are pretty jarring.  Where do you find the inspiration for that?
Life is dark and pretty and mutilated- and I just wanna be honest and reflect that

Is there a recent album you guys have been listening to a lot recently?
David Bowie: Never Let Me Down. It's fuckin weird man- I love it

Did you guys have any interesting experiences being on the road?
Last tour we went to Adult Swim headquarters and they gave us pizza and put us up in a motel- nicest people in the world.

Meet any good artists worth sharing?
Ski Mask and Needle Gun.

What do you think the most important trait a band can have?

What do you hope to do with your music?
             I look at each band like a new type of sandwich - I wanna be your go to sandwich.

Are you guys that intense in every day life?  That seems like it would be a bit exhausting.
             No - I play Ken Griffey Baseball for SNES and I'm a Sports Writer and I drink lots of coffee and love Ricky Gervais's podcasts - I have listened to all if them I love Karl and Steve- and Ricky - they always make the day a little brighter 

Does writing for sports effect your song writing (or vice versa?)
Hmm - not yet - but that sounds fun.

Are you guys working on any new projects?
Yes, the next album

Do you have any idea of when we can expect the new album?
Fall 2013

That's some pretty exciting news.  Until then we'll just have to enjoy what we have from these guys so far.  Check out one of the stand out tracks from their new album posted below.  Also check out the bands facebook and bandcamp for news and to get the new album.

Also while you're liking things, check out the blogs facebook page.  Like us for music news, interviews  and album reviews.

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