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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Track(s) of the Moment: Requiem Demo by Lör

           These guys were suggested to me by a friend of mine a few weeks ago, and like the underachiever I am it has taken me this long to write about them.  Lör is a neoclassical metal band from Philadelphia.  If you don’t know what neoclassical metal is think Rhapsody of Fire (however if you don’t know the former you probably don’t know the ladder.)
            Bands in this realm of music are normally known for their grandeur and colossal sound, and these guys are no exception.  At over 20 minutes their 3-song demo goes through a torrent of transitions, intricate instrumentals, and grandiose operatic vocals.  As a whole piece the record seems a little disjointed, but since this is just a demo hopefully that’s something that gets worked out for the full LP.
            I do not consider myself to be very literate in metal save for some of a few exceptions, but I think that these guys certainly have the individual instrumental talents as well as an overall musical chemistry that can equal one sweet record.
            Go to their bandcamp to hear the demo, and download it as well (it’s pay what you want starting at $0)  Also facebook!

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  1. I get a huge System of a Down meets Screamo feel from these guys.